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Welcome to the heart of Discover H2O, LLC – where innovation flows, and expertise runs deep! Our team is more than a collection of roles; we are a community. Together, we are working towards a future where water safety goes beyond the essential, embracing the community at its core.


Get to know the faces behind the expertise, explore the narratives that make us who we are, and become a part of our water safety journey. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes, our fantastic instructors are here to guide and inspire swimmers of all ages.

Caley Zannoni - Director and Founder

Meet the visionary behind Discover H2O, LLC – Caley's aquatic obsession  began with a spark ignited in the local community pools. Her aquatic adventure began as a love affair with water, what started as mere splashes soon transformed into an unbreakable bond with water, fueling her lifelong passion.

Transitioning from swim lessons to the competitive swim team only deepened Caley's connection with the aquatics. Each competition fueled her competitive spirit, driving her to new heights until fate intervened with an unexpected injury.

​Yet, amidst the challenge, Caley's resilience shone brightly. Embracing her recovery period, she seamlessly transitioned into teaching and lifeguarding, embarking on a journey through various roles. From Swim Instructor to Swim Coach, Lifeguard, Instructor/Lifeguard Trainer, and finally, Aquatics and Operation Director.​


A Vision Realized:

In 2009, driven by a passion for comprehensive aquatics education, Caley founded her learn-to-swim program and health and safety training center. Today, Discover H2O, LLC stands as a testament to her unwavering mission: providing a safe and enjoyable environment for every aquatic experience.  Now as a devoted mother, Caley's dedication has deepened, fueled by a determination to impart crucial water safety and swimming lessons to the community. Caley's aquatic journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and an unyielding commitment to water safety. 

Making Waves for the Future:

Discover H2O, LLC is more than a learn-to-swim program; it's a legacy built on the ripple effect of one woman's love for the water, inspiring generations to come. Join us on this dynamic aquatic journey, where every splash creates a ripple of confidence and joy!

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Meet Our Swim Instructors:

The heart of our aquatic excellence! Explore the profiles of our incredible team, where our swim instructors are more than instructors – they are dedicated to making a positive impact in every lesson. Our swim instructors are not just mentors; they're passionate advocates dedicated to safety and igniting a love for swimming.

Lifeguards Extraordinaire:

Our lifeguards are the unsung heroes of pool safety. Vigilant and highly trained, they ensure a safe aquatic experience for everyone. Meet the dedicated individuals who keep a watchful eye, ready to respond at a moment's notice.

Our Swim Coaches:

Behind every accomplished swimmer is a skilled coach. Our swim coaches bring expertise and motivation to the pool, helping individuals of all skill levels achieve their swimming goals.

Our Collaborators:

Behind every successful venture, there's a team of collaborators. Meet the brilliant minds and skilled professionals who come together, bringing diverse talents and perspectives to the table. United by a common goal, we thrive on collaboration to drive innovation.

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