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Parent & Child Classes

Parent & Child Class: ages 6 Months-3 years: Are structured to create a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere to foster your child’s first experience in the water. Parent/Child classes teach swimming, safety and survival. Early and continuous swim lessons are key in keeping your children safe around water. Our innovative and creative teaching methods will make learning fun for you and your child. Parent and Child Group Lessons: 30 minute classes with a 12:1 ratio. Our students are put into group lessons according to age and ability. Parent and Child lessons are 12 students to 1 instructor for 30 minutes.​​Discover H2O, LLC specializes in highly-effective swim lessons for all ages. Our top-notch swim instructor are certified in water safety and lifeguarding as well as CPR & First Aid. All instructors are experienced professionals who have passed our extensive interview process, which includes a criminal background check. We provide swim classes for all ages—infants and toddlers, preschoolers, youth, and adults—at local community pools. The lessons move at the pace that our students are comfortable with, tailoring to their individual needs and abilities. Our intensive and progression curriculum delivers results in weeks, not months or years, through patient instruction in private lessons, using methods that allow kids to learn to be safer in and around the water while still having fun and enjoying the experience.​



Water Babies: Ages 6 Months-1 year. Water Babies classes are designed to offer a fun and relaxed aquatic experience for parent and child.  The Water Babies class boosts development of the whole child and early lessons accelerate development; physically, intellectually, and emotionally.​This is a group class setting for parents and swimmers to get comfortable in the water.


Super Tots: Ages 1-3 years. These lessons aim to advance your toddler from their first splashes in the water to learning advanced safety skills. After a series of our swim lessons, your little one should be able to float, kick, fall into the water, safely resurface and find the pool edge before holding on and climbing out. All these skills are taught in a way that’s both fun and educational, using games, repetition and even songs.​This is a group class setting for parents and swimmers that practices submersion and floating independently.

Fun at the Pool
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