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Swim Team Program

  • Our Stroke School and swim team programs are designed for swimmers with a strong foundation in fundamentals who want to learn competitive swimming techniques. It emphasizes proper technique over speed and prepares swimmers for competitive swim teams.

  • Skill Groups: The program is divided into two skill groups based on age and physical conditioning and knowledge of strokes, following USA Swimming standards and the Discover H2O curriculum.

  • Requirements: To join the program, swimmers must be at least 5 years old and have completed level 3 in the Discover H2O curriculum. Younger or lower-level swimmers may need to pass a swim test measuring skills required for the lowest stroke school level.

  • Training Sessions: Each one-hour practice is tailored to one of the three skill levels, focusing on building endurance and preparing swimmers for joining a local swim team.

  • Contact Information: For questions or to determine if a swimmer is ready for the Stroke School program, contact Caley Zannoni

Swimming Pool

Non Competitive

Introductory Level

Our non-competitive swim team provides an opportunity for individuals to engage in swimming for fitness, recreation, and personal improvement without the pressure and intensity associated with competitive swimming. The focus of such teams is promoting a positive and supportive environment where swimmers can enjoy the water, enhance their swimming skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Once swimmers complete our level 3 program, they can join the Stroke School. Here, they refine their swimming skills, including freestyle and backstroke. They also learn butterfly, breaststroke, proper turns, and diving.

  • Swimmers have the flexibility to choose one practice session per week that best aligns with their schedule and individual preferences. This approach allows participants to seamlessly integrate their commitment to the non-competitive swim team into their weekly routines while accommodating other responsibilities. 

Competitive Team

Competitive Level

We are more than a swim team; we are a community bound by the love of the water. Our team is dedicated to fostering a positive, inclusive, and spirited environment where swimmers of all levels come together to pursue their passion for swimming.


"Building Traditions One Stroke at a Time: Join the team on a journey where every swim creates a lasting legacy. As a team, we are more than athletes – we're a community of passionate individuals united by the love of the water and a commitment to forging enduring traditions.

Our dedication extends beyond the pool. We are focused on creating a supportive and spirited environment where swimmers of all levels come together to celebrate the art of swimming. Each stroke contributes to the foundation of our team's unique traditions.

Our coaching staff, experts in their field, are here to guide you through the waters of achievement and personal growth. We understand the demands of your busy life, and that's why we offer a flexible practice schedule, allowing you to balance your commitment to the team with work, school, and family responsibilities.

Join us in building a legacy that transcends the ordinary – where every stroke contributes to the rich tapestry of our team's traditions. Discover H2O, LLC, we're not just making waves in the water; we're building a tradition that lasts. Dive in, and be part of something special!"


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